Energy Healing (Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch & Reiki)

Energy Healing (Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch & Reiki)

Small pet animal healing

Energy Healing Session for pets like rabbits, birds, iguanas, etc.
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Smaller size animal healing

Energy healing session for cats, Shih Tzus, Schnauzers, etc.
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Large Animal Healing (50-200 lbs.)

Energy healing session for large breed dogs like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, etc.
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Very Large Animal Healing

For energy healing sessions on horses and other animals larger than larger dog breeds.
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About Me

Top Energy Healing Practitioner for Animals

Energy (Chi, Ki, Qi, Prana, Mana, etc.) can be harnessed for a variety of purposes. The most well-known form of energy healing is Reiki, and has been around since the early 20th Century. At Animal Healing Online I aim to provide energetic support, and my ...

Quality holistic therapy

If your pet has not had an Energy Healing treatment before, it can seem like a bit of a mystical process. Energy can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world. It is the same phenomenon when you think of someone you haven't had contact with in a long time ...


Work with a healer with 19 years experience.
Animals can be anywhere in the world. No need to go or bring your animal anywhere!
Supports and compliments other therapies.

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My Background

My Background


Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch & Reiki Practitioner. I …
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